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Tour Sightseeing: Ida Hotel Rimini


  • 15'
  • 6,5 km

Located in the heart of Italy and is well connected to major European cities, Rimini is the symbol and the ideal of diversified tourism. Rimini, ancient and modern, and popular culture, and spectacular craftsmanship was sung and immortalized by the great master of Italian cinema, Federico Fellini, who with his art brought the myth around the world.

San MArino

  • 34'
  • 27,8 km

At 750 meters high, is the oldest and smallest sovereign state in the world that for centuries has maintained its freedom and independence, there are already abroad. Mount Titano, the profiles of the three towers topped with a pen, (the Guaita, Cesta and Montale) symbol of the Republic, which boasts a remarkable history and tradition of stamp and coin collections, much appreciated all over the world.


  • 12'
  • 8,4 km

A door on the past, a country a little bit special, a pearl in Valmarecchia "poets" that's Santarcangelo! It is here that the poets of "de Circal giudeizi ", along with their headmaster Tonino Guerra. Do not miss the Malatesta Fortress, the Capuchin convent, the Fish nineteenth century, the arch and the square dedicated to Pope Ganganelli tufa caves and craft shops wrought iron and rust-printed fabrics.

San Leo

  • 49'
  • 35,4 km

In the heart of Valmarecchia, on a hill of 650 meters, there is San Leo, the historical capital of Montefeltro. In addition to the fortress, the church and the Duomo, San Leo is also famous for the mysterious and fascinating character who was the "alchemist" Count Cagliostro was imprisoned in the fortress and died there in 1795.


  • 29'
  • 20 km

Dominates the splendid panorama of Valmarecchia. To see, in addition to the Rocca, the Collegiate Church of Saints Martin and Francis of Assisi and the Museo Civico Archeologico.


  • 33'
  • 40,3 km

Classic old town, enclosed by a long city wall where the imposing and spectacular castle, a superb example of military architecture, completes the medieval center. The fortress was completed by Malatesta between 1307 and 1325 and later renovated several times. Legend has it that in Gradara, Malatesta household has experienced the tragic love story of Paolo and Francesca, sung by Dante: "The trembling kissed my mouth ..."


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